A Big Wuss Declares: It’s Not that Bad

I was reading my super-smart friend Sascha’s blog and saw that she’d included a three-part account of the natural birth of her (wicked cute) first child. It had really never occurred to me to do such a thing, probably because no one thinks C-sections are beautiful. Well, I’m not here to moralize on people’s birth experiences or choices, except to say that a healthy, happy baby and mama are what are important. I’m just here to tell you that if it’s necessary for you to have a C-section, you don’t have to be terrified. That statement shouldn’t be controversial, but it probably is in this day and age. People have really latched onto the idea that doctors schedule C-sections for convenience and/or financial gain and that women who express a preference are selfish, lazy, and “too posh to push.” There’s also the popular notion that if you desire an unmedicated birth and wind up having a surgical birth, it’s some kind of disappointment or failure and that hey, maybe next time you can try to deliver naturally. Again, I’m not here to tell anyone what she should or should not want for herself and her family. But I will tell you that my C-section delivery was amazing and spectacular and every other glowing adjective a new mom uses to describe her birth experience. And, in case you’re scared, I’ll walk you through what happens.

This is not for the faint of heart, OK? Continue reading